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Jeff Bailey Founder of Avita Yoga

Jeff Bailey, Boulder, CO founder of Avita Yoga

Jeff Bailey, Boulder, CO founder of Avita YogaA message from Jeff Bailey Founder of Avita Yoga

Life happens…and then somewhere along the way, the “happening” catches up to us and we find that our bodies don’t function with the same ease and comfort that they did in the past. No one can avoid the effects of time and gravity, not to mention the trauma that life inevitably brings to the body and the compensatory patterns they generate in the body. We often ‘chalk it up’ to old age to justify our condition, but you don’t have to fall into that trap! A consistent Avita practice will reverse the effects of time on your body.

Yoga joins

I’m no different than anyone else. I’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of life, but having discovered yoga at the age of 22 I was sourced with the passion for a better way in body and mind. I never subscribed to a particular method but studied most of them to some degree and found that they tend to pull us apart. But by definition, yoga joins. What does this mean? What are we separate from? And then in the fall of 2010 the answer was given and my life has never been the same. My mind was flooded with light. Years of practicing life’s inner work largely with A Course in Miracles as my guide (fittingly in the midst of one of my life’s deepest challenges) I had the outcome I wanted—the same one we ALL want—unconditional peace and joy.

Love will find a way

One of my greatest assets is the ability to understand a concept and then distill it down to the simple details. I’m also very willing to experiment with my life. This set the backdrop for a deep prayer to find a way to recover from a ski accident that severely impacted my hip. Lying on my back one day after a yoga class, I willed a better way. I know that the prayer of the heart is always answered, and the answer came just a few weeks later. The people and circumstances flowed into my life to begin shedding light on this healing path that was later to become Avita Yoga. It came with great challenge but I know that great things come with challenge. I know the power of commitment and I stayed true to my own prayer for a better way the could be shared with all. My mantra in difficult times is, “Love will find a way” and it continues to guide me today.

A gentle resolution

To experience the power and presence of this continuous Guidance is the goal of Avita Yoga. But because this Constant Love is ever-available to all, it cannot be amplified or increased. It must be gently revealed. Like cleaning the lens of a lightbulb that is always fully on, the Avita practice removes the obstacles to the light. The result is a steady and gentle return to the Light and Love we never left, all the while experiencing the side-effects of a healthier, more mobile body. This is what makes Avita Yoga unique. To be effective, the body must become a vehicle to heal the mind which is then reflected back into the body. The mind is not limited to to the space between the ears, it is everywhere. And so, Avita Yoga is the gentle resolution of inner conflict – both physically and nonphysically—a revelation of the power and presence of Self. There’s nothing like it.

What better goal could exist? It’s what makes Avita the yoga of a lifetime, for a lifetime.

Jeff Bailey – Trainings, Certifications

Jeff Bailey holds four yoga teacher certifications: two 200-hour, one 300-hour, and one 500-hour and currently leads 200 and 300 hour Avita Yoga Teacher Training. As a trained Rolfer, Jeff weaves structurally integrative elements into classes and trainings that have practical  applications in life. Jeff brings a diverse background in the yoga traditions of Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Yin and together with his wife Lori, own several yoga studios, Yoga Loft South Boulder and Yoga Loft Gunbarrel – an All Avita Yoga studio in Colorado.

From Jeff

Yoga and the business of yoga is my dharma, a word that aligns us with both practice and purpose. When we find something that works, we naturally want to share it and feel that I have a lot to share.

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