It’s a moving meditation that anyone can do!

Moving through life, we fall into certain habitual patterns that restrict our movement over time.

Perhaps you have noticed this happening in everyday tasks. It can become a hapless and painful cycle where limited movement patterns beget restriction and the restriction furthers the negative pattern. The good news is that Avita Yoga interrupts this process and helps revitalize healthy, youthful function. Avita Yoga® is a sustainable practice that restores joint mobility and dissolves negative patterning so that you can enjoy life and the activities you love to do. Now you can bring this valuable practice into the comfort of your home and discover the benefits for yourself. If you are like most people, you will come to savor Avita and look forward to it each time. Give it a try and see for yourself. The Avita Yoga Online membership takes you on a healing journey through simple, effective shapes that uncover and resolve restrictions while helping you unwind and find more peace of mind.

Perhaps it’s what yoga was always meant to be.

The on demand format is as unique as the practice itself. Anyone can experience the benefits of Avita Yoga, even if you are new to yoga. This video series is presented in a symphonic progression. Topics that are introduced are revisited and developed in new ways.

You’ll hear me often say, “Less is more” and it is.
~ Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga®