Perhaps it’s what yoga was always meant to be.

The format for the delivery of the video is as unique as the practice itself. While anyone willing to practice will experience the benefits of Avita Yoga, this video series was created under the assumption that you are new to yoga. It starts at the beginning.  Each class plan is presented in a specific order to bring the best results. They are arranged in a symphonic progression, meaning topics that are introduced at one point are reintroduced later and developed in new ways. It is a potent but gentle practice which is why an integration day between each practice is recommended. Once begun, each video class will be available for 48 hours before the succeeding class is presented. Most students in our home studio in Boulder, CO practice two to three times per week and get remarkable results.

You’ll hear me often say, “Less is more” and it is.
~ Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga®