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Avita Yoga is a moving meditation that heals in body and mind. Nearly anyone can benefit because it uses attainable shapes to rejuvenate tissues in and around the joints. The result is more health, mobility, and peace of mind.

Founder, Jeff Bailey invites you to the Avita Yoga practice for every one
Play Video about Founder, Jeff Bailey invites you to the Avita Yoga practice for every one

It's A Moving Meditation That Anyone Can do!

Moving through life, we fall into certain habitual patterns that restrict movement.


It becomes an unfortunate and painful cycle for just about everyone. Restricted areas limit movement, and limited movement reinforces the pattern. The good news is that Avita Yoga interrupts this process and helps revitalize healthy, youthful functions. Avita Yoga® is a sustainable practice that restores joint mobility and dissolves negative patterning so that you can enjoy life and the activities you love to do.

You can bring this valuable practice into the comfort of your home and discover the benefits for yourself. Like most people, you will come to savor Avita and look forward to it each time. Give it a try and see for yourself. The Avita Yoga Online membership takes you on a healing journey through simple, practical shapes that uncover and resolve restrictions while helping you unwind and find more peace of mind.

Perhaps it’s what yoga was meant to be.

This Avita Yoga video series is for those who are:

  • New to yoga
  • Dealing with arthritis, injury, or limited range of motion
  • Looking for more peace of mind

Each one-hour class presents in a specific and slowly progressing order. Avita Yoga is potent and kind. it will bring remarkable results for those who practice just three to four times per week.

“Less is more because we cannot truly heal and restore ourselves while seeking more of anything. The power of Now cannot be found in the future.”

~ Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga®

Join Avita Yoga Online

and get started on the path to a healthier body and mind.
I am so excited to be able to do my practice when I travel. In the past I think I’m going to lay on the floor in my hotel and get my legs up the wall and, well, frankly I don’t get to it. Now I have Jeff to guide me through and I can stay on track. Thank you! ~ Mary, Denver

I learned about Avita Yoga when Jeff was doing a retreat in Costa Rica. He invited me to join them in a few classes. Right away I could feel the difference in my body. I have waited a year and half and now I can get back into the practice! My body thanks you. ~ Marcus, MN

Give Avita Yoga a try and get started on the path to a healthier body and mind.

Avita Yoga online is just $49.00/month. You're in charge. If you're not getting results, you may cancel at any time.

Your subscription includes:

  • Unlimited On-Demand classes each week
  • Practice where and when you want
  • Exclusive LIVE Community Chats to ask founder Jeff Bailey questions to get the most from your practice
  • Bonus Tips, One-On-One focused sessions
  • Personalized instruction and feedback from Jeff Bailey
  • Customized invitations and updates about your practice
  • Tools to help you have a healthier body and a peaceful min

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