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WORKSHOP: The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga

Workshop with Jeff Bailey Founder of Avita Yoga - The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga

We like to think that by now you have experienced the healing benefits of Avita Yoga and appreciate the meditative aspect of the practice. If so, you’ve probably heard me reference the healing physiology that makes it work.

It’s the healing physiology that gives every subtle detail importance, and for many, understanding the physiology behind Avita Yoga can bring new meaning and inspiration to their practice.

Please join me for our next workshop Friday, April 30th at noon MST.

The topic will be The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga.

The information will be distilled into into a palatable 30-minute presentation with time for Q&A. I promise to make it lively and easy to understand. This is important stuff. This simple, vastly overlooked physiology, along with the meditative pathway to the healed mind, is the creative light behind the whole practice.

I hope to see you there online on Friday.

Thank you and namaste,
Jeff Bailey

Workshop: The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga

Friday, April 30 at 12:00 PM mountain time

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