What is Avita Yoga - Q&A Jeff Bailey answers the questions about Avita Yoga

Avita Yoga is a methodology that gently identifies restrictions impeding the body’s natural potential for freedom of movement, while simultaneously providing the mode to resolve them. The very definition of yoga written in the Yoga Sutras over two thousand years ago is the identification and removal of the obstacles that limit our potential in body and mind. It’s a practice that brings more freedom and joy to your life so you can enjoy all the other things you love to do in your life.

The pace of this practice is important.

Restrictions and limitations are resolved in a manner that is adaptable and unique to each student. It is sometimes passive, sometimes active and sometimes even quite demanding, but it is not a workout. It’s a work-in. It’s a process that accesses the deep healing power of the mind, putting the focus on you and your process.

Gains that come from an outer sense of accomplishment often violate the natural biomechanics of the body. The goal of Avita Yoga is improved health and function, not the ability to perform or do or get it right. It levels the field for every student, which is why newcomers are always in good company, often noticing quick results. There are no mirrors or heat. The practice is naturally meditative, and students develop the ability to calm their mind and body so that repair and rejuvenation can take place.

This is Avita Yoga. The body and mind working in concert to resolve inner conflict, making it a very practical practice.


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