Avita Yoga is unwinding a lifetime of patterns

We are each born into this world with unique patterns and tendencies that in many ways predetermine how we walk through life. These patterns shape our lives and as time goes by, our lives shape our bodies. We add to this the cumulative effects of life’s tribulations, both physical and emotional. Traumatic occurrences of the past, whether mental, emotional or physical, often have negative implications on the body and mind. These events add up over time and our physical structure must continually adjust accordingly to keep moving, leading to unhealthy patterns of movement.

We need a way to effectively unwind these patterns and resolve the physical impact at the same time.

Compensatory patterns cannot be fixed—they must be unwound. Avita Yoga is for every body, but not everybody is ready and willing to change. We must deeply desire a better way and be open to the experience of a practice that brings lasting freedom and joy to a lifetime.

Avita Yoga will enable you to do things with more joy, comfort and ease. It will increase your body’s range of motion and where there is movement, there is health. It will enhance the natural function of your body’s systems and help regulate its chemical balance, which can result in a more positive outlook on life. Avita Yoga will move you away from the cycle of pain and discomfort.

Many fitness programs find new and creative ways to be aggressive on the body. They target the muscular systems of the body to make them stronger, with the underlying assumption that with improved strength comes improved function. But this is not always the case, as we may be getting stronger while reinforcing underlying patterns that work against us.



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