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The Awareness Conference 2021

The Awareness conference with Jeff Bailey as one of the speakers presenting and guiding a yoga practice

Join Jeff Bailey as he presents and shares Avita Yoga at The Awareness Conference 2021 Open the Heart, Know the Truth. The conference is online with free access for all on April 16, 17, 18, 2021.

Can you think of a better title for a conference? Can you think of a better topic and goal? I hope you’ll attend and partake in this spirited event, chock full with talented teachers.

What makes this phrase (open your heart, know the truth) so powerful?

Well, if we are called to open our hearts, then it must imply that they are closed. And that’s ok.

This gentle acknowledgment is our starting point. It’s like Buddha’s First Noble Truth that states the obvious: suffering is part of the dream we call life. We start by befriending the very thing we unwittingly fight. Why is life difficult? Why do I feel stuck and afraid? Oh, my heart must be closed. If life in this world is scary, unsafe, and challenging, then of course, my heart will be closed. It’s a normal response to put up boundaries, and protect, but it’s not natural.

The most natural thing we can do is to gently open our hearts and seek the truth. It takes a little willingness and faith and that is what this conference gathering is all about.

Give it a try. I hope you’ll join us for three free days. We’ll do some Avita Yoga each morning to open the conference and our hearts—if even a little bit to let the light and love come through. It’s what we want more than anything, and yet funny how we fear it. This conference is a golden opportunity to trust the quiet, loving voice inside and let it grow. There’s nothing to lose but fear itself. Click the button below. It’s free!

With love and light,
Jeff Bailey

If this is your time to Open your Heart and Know the Truth, cancel any plans you might have for April 16 -18, 2021, and give yourself the gift of Awareness: Know the Self, Know the Truth. SIGNUP-DETAILS

The Awareness Conference is FREE.

All Access Pass includes:

  • Access to all LIVE Sessions
  • Instant Replays
  •  Access complete video recordings of every session for up to 1 year.
  •  Every session has an audio-only version available for you to download and
    listen to anytime, on any device.
  • Exclusive bonus gifts from speakers including Gangaji and more!
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