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Most of you know that A Course in Miracles has been the backbone of my spiritual practice for many years. I knew the translation of the word yoga was “to join,” but it made no sense to me. I had practiced with different teachers for years, and none had the answer. The answer to my deep asking came to me while practicing yoga on the floor of the house I first rented in Boulder in 1990. It’s here! The words leaped off the page, and I knew I had to learn from this non-religious blue book called A Course in Miracles. It belonged to my roommate, but it spoke to me. 

Years have passed. There have been ups and downs, but never have I not applied my The Course’s message to my life practice. Life is the path! Fantastic things happen as we realize that life is the classroom and forgiveness is the curriculum. 

Yoga Loft, Avita Yoga, the teacher training, the book I’ve written–all have been inspired by the love and light that comes through this timesaving study. For many years now, I’ve been asking for a way to share A Course in Miracles’ timeless insights more directly through Avita Yoga. These short classes combine the spiritual practice of ACIM (365 daily workbook lessons) with the physical components of Avita Yoga. They are simple, practical, and powerful. 

The series is included with the all-access memberships, or you can subscribe to the daily lessons with an individual monthly subscription. 

Check out our introductory video:

New Workshop at Kula Yoga in Minneapolis, MN

Kim Tatman of Kula Yoga with Jeff Bailey at the Avita Workshop at Kula Yoga in Minneapolis, MN

Sunday, May 19 Jeff Bailey presented at a new Workshop at Kula Yoga in Minneapolis, MN.

completed the Avita Teacher Training last August and brought Avita Yoga to her Kula Yoga studio in Minneapolis. Jeff shared the practice to a full room, how Avita can positively impact not just your body but different aspects of your life.

Kim said people have embraced Avita at Kula Yoga and looked forward to the workshop and practice. They thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and had some fun with Jeff Bailey, Avita’s founder.

Where will he go next?!