Avita Yoga Teacher Training 2022 Session 1 Jan 7-9


Join Jeff Bailey in this first of 3 yoga teacher training sessions. The first session is January 7, 8, and 9, 2022.

  • Learn more about yourself and bring hidden gifts and talent to the surface
  • Improve your understanding of Avita and how it works
  • Develop a unique and rewarding skillset to help others, whether in a group or through private sessions.
  • Tap into your creative potential

The Session Monthly Teacher Training is only available for consecutive months beginning with Session 1 and ends after Session 3, at which point you can decide to continue the full training.

Want to experience a Month of Avita Yoga® Teacher Training but not necessarily interested in becoming a teacher? Sign up for a month at a time and pay as you go. Join others on live-stream and learn Avita Yoga theory, anatomy, physiology, spiritual study, and be part of rich, in-depth group discussions.

*Must start with Session 1 beginning January 7, 2022 and commit by Session 3 in March.


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