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New One On One Classes For You

One On One Classes have been added by Jeff Bailey founder of Avita Yoga

If you haven’t discovered them already, you’ll soon come upon One On One Classes that I recorded with my wife, Lori. You’ll find them interspersed throughout the program of roughly 110 classes as a way to bring in more detail and a greater degree of intimacy. I teach every class like it’s your first, believing that you will stay in the practice for the rest of your life so I am constantly finding ways to improve your understanding of the practice in order to make it most effective. If I could crawl through the monitor and sit with you through your practice, I would.

We built this program knowing we would be able to modify it and improve upon it over time, so occasionally you will see new videos being inserted.

Like an upgrade to an application on your phone, most enhancements will come along seamlessly in the background. Remember to use our resource library (that we update regularly) and join us for our monthly Avita Community Chat whenever you possible. Your questions are always welcome and even if you don’t have questions, you will learn from others. It’s fun and valuable. We’re here to heal.

Namaste, Jeff 

The One On One Classes will be delivered in your class series and are always available on your dashboard.