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Avita Yoga is a moving meditation that heals in body and mind.

Avita Yoga is a moving meditation that heals in body and mind

There are spiritual or mental practices that are designed to liberate us from the body and world, and there are physical practices designed to make the body more fit and healthy (though fitness and health are two very different things). Rarely do the two mix because the ego will reduce anything and everything to the body. Avita Yoga is a moving meditation that heals in body and mind.

For thousands of years, yoga was about the mind. It was a mental practice—a collection of approaches and practices to liberate the mind from the body. Today, yoga has been turned into a fitness trend that moves the mind into the body thus glorifying the body itself. Search “yoga pose” on the internet and you will see countless images of able-bodied people performing in pristine settings. It’s not wrong. It’s natural to aspire to things we’re good at, but it paints yoga in an image that you have to be young, fit, and able to perform the pose, instead of using it to evolve the health of your body while freeing you from it.

A moving meditation that heals.

Avita Yoga is for those who want a way to stay young and mobile so that they can enjoy the things to which they aspire.

It’s not about the yoga! It’s about the side effects it brings—lasting health and peace.

Avita Yoga is designed to meet you, the aspiring individual that wants a better way, exactly where you are. Avita leads through a step by step series of doable shapes designed to move you from the inside out. And though it often brings quick results, Avita Yoga takes a longterm approach. I make the assumption that every Avita Yoga student will be with me and the practice in 3 to 7 years or more.

Each class is a nearly unnoticeable progression on the previous class.

It is the only yoga I know that is fulfilling on day one and gets easier as time and practice go by. It’s natural to treat Avita like a physical and mental hygiene program. You don’t have to practice every day—just three times a week is enough to bring positive change and keep you youthful in body and spirit.

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