How Aviga Yoga Works - Q&A Jeff Bailey answers the questions about Avita Yoga

Avita Yoga works primarily on the connective tissue to dissolve restrictions in and around the joints. Resolving restrictions locally has a resonating effect throughout the rest of the body. Movement begets movement and enhances blood flow, nourishing the body and removing toxins.

Additional beneficial fluids within the joints are cleansed to help restore healthy function and resolve the cause of stiffness and pain. Lasting results are possible because the nervous system is calmed which is an essential element if renewal is to take place. The body can heal itself when given the time and space to rest. These larger systemic effects on the whole body improve the local health of the joints, bones, and muscles. Reducing the restrictions positively influences all bodily functions which initiates a cycle of improved wellbeing. The goal is to get out of the destructive cycle of pain and sickness and into the healing cycle of improved movement and health.

While most students experience steady improvement, Avita Yoga is not a linear process. The classes are organized in a symphonic manner so that concepts are introduced and then modified and reintroduced at a later time. We thus learn to work with the body as it presents itself each time we practice so that all gains become pleasant surprise.

We do not practice perfection, so none is required. We practice by asking for movement where there is none and witness the body changing from the inside out.


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