Avita Yoga® Online practice questions

After you sign up and are part of Avita Yoga Online you will be able to GET STARTED with these 4 Introductory videos. Practice one a day to get a feeling for the practice while you wait for your Avita materials package to arrive.
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Change your device’s viewing settings so that your practice isn’t abruptly interrupted. Adjust screen savers, energy saving settings, automatic turn offs, etc. so that your device stays live during your hour-long practice.

When you are viewing/listening to the video as you practice Jeff may be assisting someone that does not appear on the screen. Each video class is designed to be practiced for the most part with your eyes closed. Listening to the words and applying them to your body, the same way students practice with Jeff live in the classroom. Students in the room often glance to see that they are interpreting the cues properly and you are encouraged to do the same with the video.

Practice Space and Getting the Most From AvitaOnline.com

When you click through to do your practice and see the final page with the video on it you will have 8 hours access to it. You may repeat the previous class during that time, or treat it as a recommended rest and integration day. After the 8 hours is over, the next class in succession will be waiting for you. You will see the time remaining on your My Series page.

Yes, there is a thoughtful and healing progression through this practice. Each class is unique and supported by the one before. Each succeeding video class will lead you through your body and mind a healing, harmonizing way that includes the systems, tissues and cells. It’s not about the shape, and it’s certainly not about “accomplishing” them. It’s about what the shape does for you.

Avita is not performance based and perfection is never required. The “right” shape is the one that brings the restriction (and the sensation that comes with it) to your awareness, and the healing light of you mind. Sound cliche? It’s not, it works. It’s results that we want. Results that will show up and help you in your day to day life.

When in doubt reduce pressure and/or support more. Your body cannot heal under stress, and while the practice uses compression and pressure it should never cause duress. your breathing rate and heart rate should remain quite calm and slow throughout the practice. Remember you don’t need to achieve the perfect shape. Listen to Jeff’s words and apply them knowing that LESS is MORE.

Avita Yoga works primarily on the connective tissue to dissolve restrictions in and around the joints. Resolving restrictions locally has a resonating effect throughout the rest of the body. Movement begets movement. Blood flow increases to areas where it was once lacking which bring nourishment to the cells while simultaneously removing damaging toxins.

It’s OK to practice Avita Yoga® once you have your doctors approval and you have completed any recommended physical therapy. At this point, you can begin the online classes safely and with confidence, and often regain full mobility and health. The classes slowly advance over time adding time, pressure and complexity on all parts of the body which is very healing. It’s how we get results that last. It’s OK to get into the stiffness brought on by the surgery knowing that some discomfort is normal. As always, practice sustainably with mild to moderate sensation. It all adds up over time, which is why it’s good to practice at least two to three times per week. See if you can get a ritual going with a dedicated place to practice on the wall.

Most classes utilize a bolster and a strap. You can double up a pillow on occasion to function as a bolster when traveling for short periods of time. Pack your strap or use a belt or bathrobe belt found in many hotel rooms.

Avita Yoga® Online Props questions

You may order individual pieces to complement what you already have to practice. Links: Sandbags | Small Bolster | Packages

Pricing for Avita Online is based on the most cost-effective delivery of yoga for all ages at this price.

Account Management

You cannot suspend your Avita Online practice. You can cancel your membership through your Avita Online account dashboard. To resume the practice where you left off, purchase a new membership using the email you used when you signed up originally and you will be able to resume where you left off. No coupons will be available when you start again.

Step 1: From the “My Account” tab navigate to the settings cog
Step 2: Under My Content – click on MEMBERSHIPS
Step 3: Your active membership(s) will be listed and you can either cancel from the list or by clicking on the VIEW BILLING button
Step 4: Cancel the membership.

You will have access to your Avita Yoga Practice Series for the remaining days left in the month you have paid for. You will also see an option to REACTIVATE your membership – which you can do at any time and resume the practice series you were on before you left.
Avita Yoga Online- How to Cancel Your Membership