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Avita Yoga—No sweat.

Avita Yoga no sweat. with avita yoga online from the comfort of your own space

Our population has never been so sedentary, unfit and unhealthy. A recent World Health Organization report indicates that life expectancy in the U.S. dropped for the first time since 1993. Health trends are declining, despite a plethora of advancing medical technologies, and a thriving multibillion dollar health and fitness industry. The trend is obviously not working and yet we keep pushing for more of the same, expecting different and better results. Sounds insane doesn’t it? And now, Avita Yoga no sweat.

Are you ready for a profound and truly helpful shift in perspective?

Of course some seem to have found their niche in one program or another but as a whole, we need a different approach, a new mindset. I hope so because paradigms change only for those who want them. We need to endorse a simpler approach to health—one in which anyone and every body can benefit. Forget about fitness for a while. Just because the images portray tantalizing results, it doesn’t work for most bodies and it may not be working for yours!

Avita Yoga no sweat!

Have you considered that the latest fitness craze may not be suitable for you? No matter how promising the results, what if the program was fundamentally a mismatch for you and your constitution? It happens all the time. People get excited about a new routine and commit for a while, only to feel overwhelmed and frustrated—which inevitably leads to guilt, and because guilt demands punishment, they beat themselves up for not succeeding at something that was never destined to work. Start by letting yourself off the hook. Let go of the specifics and forget about attaining a certain look. You’re reading this because deep down, you want a better way.

Avita is a return to the basics.

Quite simply, Avita is about regaining and maintaining physical mobility and function, which may sound trite when compared to the promises of the latest fitness craze. And it may sound uninteresting until you realize just how much movement potential you’ve already lost. Avita Yoga simultaneously reveals the limitations while providing the remedy to regain the movement. No matter your age, body type or degree of fitness, Avita Yoga will help you regain and then maintain healthy mobility and physical function because at the end of the day (and certainly near the end of a lifetime) mobility is everything!

Mobility throughout the body is critical for two primary reasons.

First, you do want to remain independent and fully capable of taking care of yourself for the rest of your life. With Avita Yoga it is possible to age with dignity and grace. Secondarily, mobility fosters health the same way immobility fosters degeneration and disease. Where there’s movement, there’s adequate blood flow and that means adequate local nutrients for cellular health. The same healthy blood flow eliminates metabolic wastes that are constantly taking place deep in the tissues. Where there’s movement the muscle tissue becomes more supple and relaxed which creates a better environment through which nerves and vessels pass. The number one cause of pain is restricted blood flow, so why not set the goal to have healthy blood flow through every joint in every position?

This is Avita Yoga and it starts exactly where you are today, at the beginning. You can let go of every image and idea you’ve ever had about yoga.

You can do it.

Physically speaking, the goal of Avita is to have full range of motion in every joint, actively and passively (there is an important difference), for the rest of your life. You can have that with Avita Yoga and reap all the extracurricular benefits of it. All you have to do is begin.

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