Knee Workshop with Jeff Bailey

Knee Workshop with Jeff Bailey

It’s strange to say, but some joints are more valuable than others. Injure a knee, and your ability to walk and “get around” is impeded.

Knee Workshop with Jeff Bailey June 9 12:00-12:45

They are near and dear to us, yet they are among the most vulnerable joints in the body. They are more exposed than hips and don’t have as much reinforcement around them. For these reasons and more, we all want to “protect our knees” and do whatever it takes to keep them working.

Modern medicine has many ways of repairing and even replacing knees with a high degree of success. But you may not know is that there are ways, through Avita Yoga, that we can regain and maintain lost knee health. Although it is a natural reaction to knee problems, we do not have to be quick to jump to invasive measures.

Come to this workshop to learn ways to care for your valuable knees. A short 10-minute anatomy presentation will precede a brief review of the healing physiology that makes Avita Yoga work.

Whether it’s arthritis, abnormal wear, or typical degenerative knee conditions, you will be glad you attended this workshop. I’ll field personal questions and introduce you to various shapes that will set your knees on a path to recovery and wellbeing.

See you there,


Wednesday, June 9 from 12:00 -12:45 PM mountain time

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Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants, If you forgot your "yoga clothes" and all you have on is your jeans and a button-down shirt, don't let it deter you! Make them yoga jeans and come to class, especially if it's Yin or Avita Yoga.

I’m asked about clothing for yoga often enough; I decided to write about it. There’s a difference between being truly comfortable and wearing something you are “supposed to.” Some of you, however, are most comfortable wearing what you are “supposed to” and I’m not sure how to address that 🙂 

Yoga Pants, Jeff Bailey shares whatever pants you wear will be your yoga pants

Yoga pants? Yoga leggings? Yoga Shorts?

If you forgot your “yoga clothes” and all you have on is your jeans and a button-down shirt, don’t let it deter you! Make them yoga jeans and come to class, especially if it’s Yin or Avita Yoga. At Yoga Loft you will be accepted as you are. Dress how you like and show up as you are. If yoga is about discovering authentic Self, then the care and concern for outer appearances will only delay your real inner progress. 

We have classes that you can do in the comfort of your own home, whatever pants you wear will be your yoga pants. In Avita Yoga, we emphasize the road less travelled by–the inner one.  External requirements, especially those that are self-imposed, will only delay the inner journey. 

Dress how you please and show up as you are!

Perhaps this has been one of the benefits of Covid isolation. We’ve become comfortable with ourselves. Before Covid, were you aware of how “accountable” the outer world made you? If there is anything we can take away from the isolation, it’s the peace that comes with not having to live up to someone else’s standards. Dress for happiness; for happiness is success! 


Costa Rica Retreat 2022

Costa Rica Retreat 2022 with Jeff Bailey, Avita Yoga special retreat

It’s not only the places we go—it’s the purpose we give them. Join us at our Avita Yoga Nosara, Costa Rica Retreat in 2022 at the quintessential Bodhi Tree Retreat Center. Enjoy this beautiful destination, the wildlife, the ocean, the people and each other as you deepen your relationship with your body and mind.

Costa Rican Avita Yoga Retreat at the Bodhi Resort

Saturday, January 15 – January 22, 2022

  • Lodging
  • Three meals a day at Bodhi Tree Resort (vegetarian and gluten-free options always available)
  • Shuttle transfer to and from airport
  • Two (sometimes three) yoga classes a day with Jeff Bailey
  • Group discussions centered around optimal health, yoga theory and practice

$500 non-refundable deposit required to hold your reservation.


King Bungalow:  [SOLD OUT]

double occupancy – 2 people included in cost (one King bed) $4,830 per room

King Villa: [SOLD OUT]

double occupancy – 2 people included in cost (one King bed) $4,990 per room

Queen Bungalow: [SOLD OUT]

double occupancy – 2 people included in cost (two Queen beds) $4,730 per room

Tree Tops: (TWO LEFT)

with private bath, single occupancy (one Queen bed) $2,600 per room  RESERVE TREE TOPS!

Retreat cancellation policy: Once you have made your $500 deposit, you are responsible for the cost of the reservation in its entirety.

We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance and recommend  If you cancel your reservation and we are able to fill your vacancy we will refund the cost of your reservation less the $500 non-refundable deposit.

The Awareness Conference 2021

The Awareness conference with Jeff Bailey as one of the speakers presenting and guiding a yoga practice

Join Jeff Bailey as he presents and shares Avita Yoga at The Awareness Conference 2021 Open the Heart, Know the Truth. The conference is online with free access for all on April 16, 17, 18, 2021.

Can you think of a better title for a conference? Can you think of a better topic and goal? I hope you’ll attend and partake in this spirited event, chock full with talented teachers.

What makes this phrase (open your heart, know the truth) so powerful?

Well, if we are called to open our hearts, then it must imply that they are closed. And that’s ok.

This gentle acknowledgment is our starting point. It’s like Buddha’s First Noble Truth that states the obvious: suffering is part of the dream we call life. We start by befriending the very thing we unwittingly fight. Why is life difficult? Why do I feel stuck and afraid? Oh, my heart must be closed. If life in this world is scary, unsafe, and challenging, then of course, my heart will be closed. It’s a normal response to put up boundaries, and protect, but it’s not natural.

The most natural thing we can do is to gently open our hearts and seek the truth. It takes a little willingness and faith and that is what this conference gathering is all about.

Give it a try. I hope you’ll join us for three free days. We’ll do some Avita Yoga each morning to open the conference and our hearts—if even a little bit to let the light and love come through. It’s what we want more than anything, and yet funny how we fear it. This conference is a golden opportunity to trust the quiet, loving voice inside and let it grow. There’s nothing to lose but fear itself. Click the button below. It’s free!

With love and light,
Jeff Bailey

If this is your time to Open your Heart and Know the Truth, cancel any plans you might have for April 16 -18, 2021, and give yourself the gift of Awareness: Know the Self, Know the Truth. SIGNUP-DETAILS

The Awareness Conference is FREE.

All Access Pass includes:

  • Access to all LIVE Sessions
  • Instant Replays
  •  Access complete video recordings of every session for up to 1 year.
  •  Every session has an audio-only version available for you to download and
    listen to anytime, on any device.
  • Exclusive bonus gifts from speakers including Gangaji and more!

WORKSHOP: The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga

Workshop with Jeff Bailey Founder of Avita Yoga - The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga

We like to think that by now you have experienced the healing benefits of Avita Yoga and appreciate the meditative aspect of the practice. If so, you’ve probably heard me reference the healing physiology that makes it work.

It’s the healing physiology that gives every subtle detail importance, and for many, understanding the physiology behind Avita Yoga can bring new meaning and inspiration to their practice.

Please join me for our next workshop Friday, April 30th at noon MST.

The topic will be The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga.

The information will be distilled into into a palatable 30-minute presentation with time for Q&A. I promise to make it lively and easy to understand. This is important stuff. This simple, vastly overlooked physiology, along with the meditative pathway to the healed mind, is the creative light behind the whole practice.

I hope to see you there online on Friday.

Thank you and namaste,
Jeff Bailey

Workshop: The Healing Physiology of Avita Yoga

Friday, April 30 at 12:00 PM mountain time

Avita Yoga Retreat at the Ojo Santa Fe Spa and Resort 2021

Avita Yoga Retreat at Ojo Santa Fe Spa and resort

OCTOBER 24 -29, 2021

Join Jeff Bailey for this mind and body getaway. Practice Avita Yoga 2-3 times a day, explore nearby Santa Fe–history, art and cuisine.

Safely accepting 20 participants for each date, possibly more if COVID restrictions lift.

Lori and I recently visited Ojo Santa Fe for a retreat of our own, and we were thrilled to discover that it’s a perfect retreat center! Fly into Santa Fe or enjoy the easy 6.5-hour drive from Boulder. If you haven’t been to Santa Fe, this is your golden opportunity. The food is sensational, and the artisan nature of the locale is inspiring. And what a joy it will be to commune and share together! Retreat yoga classes are sometimes longer with time for meditation. Please join us. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Lodging Options:

  • All meals Sunday dinner through Friday breakfast
  • Spa amenities: soaking pools (up to 103 degrees), saltwater swimming pool, archery, fitness studio, library, hiking trails, and more
  • Avita Yoga Monday AM through Friday AM
    • 7:30 before breakfast at 9:00
    • 5:00 before dinner at 6:30
    • Optional midday class on Monday and Wednesday
  • Not Included: Specialty drinks, alcoholic beverages, and personal spa services. Click here for the spa menu and consider booking in advance.

$500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space.
The remaining balance is due June 1st, 2021 for the October retreat. We will follow up with you after the deposit is received.

Keeping Your Feet Strong and Healthy Workshop

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Friday, February 26  12:00 – 12:45 PM

Workshop with Jeff Bailey
THe foot workshop Friday February 26 at noon mountain time

Every building has a foundation. Whether it’s a high-rise or a house, the structure you live in has a foundation. Everything above the foundation rests upon it. Everything above must interact and relate to the parts below. Our feet are our foundation. We stand on them, we walk on them, we pedal bicycles with them, and we run on them, and that’s why I’m having the “Keeping Your Feet Strong and Healthy Workshop.”

(This is part of your membership to Avita Online.)

Now imagine a foundation that moves. Not only must it have the integrity to support the structure above, but now it must have the resiliency to withstand change. Large buildings in areas prone to earthquakes require adaptable foundations. Our feet are adaptable,  but unlike a building’s foundation, our feet must also adapt to the implications that come from above! That knee or hip problem can find its way into the feet. Bunions can originate because of weight distribution issues that come from above. All it takes is pressure, and bone production begins. We’ll talk more about this in the workshop. 

Like all foundations, feet are at the bottom, and what happens at the bottom? Stuff accumulates there. Studies have shown that resilient calf muscles help with venous blood return, but imagine the work it takes to get blood from the feet back up to the heart all day long. Remember, 90% of the body is water, making up the extracellular matrix, a fancy word for all the space around cells. 7.5 liters of water (interstitial fluid) is moved through the body daily, and it relies mostly on bodily movement to transfer it, cleanse it, and dumped back into the bloodstream near the heart! This is the lymphatic system’s function, which plays a vital role in maintaining our immunity to infection and disease. I mention all this because feet will be affected if there is insufficient movement to keep these systems functioning optimally, and this is where Avita shines. 

It’s no doubt that feet start to get a little funny looking over time.

“Stuff” builds up, but the things the body relies on to move it around and clean it up become compromised over time. We call this the aging process, and while it is inescapable, we can do it gracefully, one of the many purposes of Avita Yoga. Come to this workshop to learn about the ways we reverse the impact of time on the feet.

Learn how to regain and maintain healthy feet. Your whole body will love it!

This workshop will open with a short slide show and anatomy presentation to ground our discussion and provide a framework for specific issues and any questions you may have.


See you there,


Resolving Sciatic Pain with Avita Yoga

Piriformis Syndrome Avita Yoga The sciatic nerve can be impinged near the lower part of the spine or in the hip’s rotator muscles. Because Avita Yoga is concerned with addressing the problem and not just the symptom (pain), we target not the muscle tightness but its cause. On Demand Yoga

Almost everyone will experience some degree of sciatic pain in their lifetime. While anyone is prone to sciatic pain, it tends to be more predominant in those who sit a lot—drivers and desk workers, for example. The sciatic nerve exits the spinal cord at the lowest part of the spine around the sacrum and just above it and then travels through the hip’s “deep six” rotator muscles. Among these external rotators of the hip is a muscle called Piriformis. The sciatic nerve is often pinched by this muscle which causes, you guessed it, Piriformis Syndrome.

Piriformis Syndrome Avita Yoga The sciatic nerve can be impinged near the lower part of the spine or in the hip’s rotator muscles. Because Avita Yoga is concerned with addressing the problem and not just the symptom (pain), we target not the muscle tightness but its cause. Too much sitting!

Resolving Sciatic Pain

The sciatic nerve can be impinged near the lower part of the spine or in the hip’s rotator muscles. Because Avita Yoga is concerned with addressing the problem and not just the symptom (pain), we target not the muscle tightness but its cause. Many things can cause a muscle to spasm and tighten and, in this case, cause pain or tingling down the leg via the sciatic nerve. Chief among them is hip impingement at the level of the bone or the surrounding connective tissue. Sometimes there is an arthritic or degenerative quality in the hip that can, in turn, cause adjacent muscles to cramp or tighten.

Avita Yoga targets these problems, which have a relieving effect on the muscles.

Stretching the muscle may help resolve pain in the short term but not in the long term, and certainly won’t address the deeper cause. Stretching muscles alone also come with risk, but that’s another story.

Avita Yoga and the specific shapes chosen in the miniseries will also target the problem if the origin of it is closer to the spine and sacrum. The same degenerative issues at the spine, combined with lack of movement in this part of the body, can lead to nerve impingement and radiating pain. Avita Yoga helps you regain all of your body’s motions from tip to tail, and where there is movement, there is health.

Enjoy this SCIATIC MINISERIES and if you find it helpful, consider taking care of the rest of your body in the same manner. (Remember: Members Only! You need to be logged into your account to view.)

A little prevention can go a long way.

Namaste, Jeff

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2021 A New Beginning

It’s a symbol of hope for one basic reason: We survived the previous year, and the upcoming year must be better than the last one, 2021 a new beginning.

The New Year holds excitement for many reasons. It’s a symbol of hope for one basic reason: We survived the previous year, and the upcoming year must be better than the last one, a new beginning. Then we dance and party, albeit a little more privately this year. Oh, and we make a resolution that usually amounts to some form of behavior modification. We set “deep intentions” and then sit back and…watch it all fall apart. It’s become such a pattern that we have come to expect to not really work.


Now, I’m sure it’s different for you, but most get caught in time loops where we avoid the inner work and move from one thing to the next expecting the new form of it to be better than the last. Whether it’s a new relationship, new job, new clothes, new house, new location, or new year, we fall into the trap and renew the outer (which includes the body) without doing the yoga of renewing the inner. Gandhi said it best, we can’t look for the change we want to see in our bodies or the world. We must “be the change.”

  1. Knowing that adversity is the catalyst for a better way, look back on 2020 and see how it worked perfectly to bring you to this present moment where you are ready. For 2021 to be better, we must see how well 2020 worked. We don’t get to go back. Life is not a board game where you get to start over. Or do you?
    There is a way to start over, but the idea is that you start over and over, and over again. Not in form, but in heart and mind. The stars are aligned. It’s time. Here’s how…
  2. It comes with many names, that you’ve heard before. Beginners mind. The power of now. Presence. They are all phrases or ideas that bring a new beginning! Problem is, we write them off because they’re too woo-woo and it so much easier to go back to sleep and “live the dream.” But now you’re ready! So how do we tap into the newness that only comes with nowness? First, we catch ourselves expecting, if not demanding change to occur in our favor. Is it not insane to be watching a movie that has a pre-written script and wanting it to change and end the way you want it to? Life is no different but we believe that it is. Instead of accepting what is, we manipulate it (and others) to fit our needs and desires according to a predetermined set of values. And 7 billion others are doing the same thing! It’s organized chaos at best.

But what if just one, decides to accept it as it is? What if just one decides to try something different, and make it all the same? What if just one decides to stop criticizing, blaming, defending and attacking? What if just one decides to withdraw their projections and accept what is? What if just one decides to heal from the past and gently let it slip away? What if just one decides against the fear of the future and lets love show them the way?

What if that one, was you? If not, then who?
Join the Community Chat and discuss your thoughts on this, on your Avita practice or just come and feel a part of the community.

75-minute Community Chats are available 1:00 PM – first Wednesday and 6:30 PM – third Wednesday of each month.

All discussions are shared within your user portal as well.

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How to share the gift of yoga

Holidays are for sharing releasing - share the gift of avita yoga


Gift Avita Online to your loved ones

Release, share and move.

The holidays can be stressful, but they need not be. It’s been a different year, so why not make the holidays different this year? To help make them enjoyable and downright healing, give they gift of yoga to yourself and your loved ones. A regular yoga practice can rejuvenate your mind and body. The yoga calls, all we have to do is listen.

Gifting a friend is a simple way to impact their lives for a long time. Share what you love, healing movement. Practice together wherever you may be.

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Gifting process, go here to share a gift of Avita Yoga