What is Avita Yoga?


Avita Yoga® is a methodology that gently identifies restrictions impeding the body’s natural potential for freedom of movement, while simultaneously providing the mode to resolve them. The very definition of yoga written in the Yoga Sutras over two thousand years ago is the identification and removal of the obstacles that limit our potential in body and mind. Yoga is a practice that brings more freedom and joy to your life so you can enjoy all the other things you love to do in your life. Learn more about Avita Yoga® and why it can fit well in your life and lifestyle.

The pace of this practice is important. The body and mind working in concert to resolve inner conflict, makes Avita Yoga® a very practical practice for all.

A practice for peace

This practice helps many people work through chronic pain and debilitating injuries, but perhaps most importantly, it is a practice for peace – a way to tap into the deeply healing nature of the mind. Avita Yoga helps students discover a lasting sense of lasting peace. A spiritual practice can mean a lot of different things but for this practice, it’s anything that brings us closer to a peaceful state of mind.

For every physical effect, there is often a subconscious mental cause.

In many ways, the body is a reflection of the mind. Avita Yoga is a practice that uses the body as a gateway to access the healing nature of the mind. If we neglect the mind and work only on the body, we may treat the effect but never really get to the cause. Avita Yoga® students learn to continually navigate the body looking for doorways to the mind where lasting healing occurs. As unfavorable patterns are gently challenged, it is important to give the mind time to notice and understand, otherwise the body and mind will tend toward their habitual patterns and override the potential for positive change. This is why Avita Yoga® classes are taught with a meditative pace that brings the nervous system and the mind along for the ride.

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Supporting the Neck and Head in Prone Position

Supporting the Neck and Head in Prone Position

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Discovering Healing Sensation

Discovering Healing Sensation

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