Keeping Your Feet Strong and Healthy Workshop

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Friday, February 26  12:00 – 12:45 PM

Workshop with Jeff Bailey
THe foot workshop Friday February 26 at noon mountain time

Every building has a foundation. Whether it’s a high-rise or a house, the structure you live in has a foundation. Everything above the foundation rests upon it. Everything above must interact and relate to the parts below. Our feet are our foundation. We stand on them, we walk on them, we pedal bicycles with them, and we run on them, and that’s why I’m having the “Keeping Your Feet Strong and Healthy Workshop.”

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Now imagine a foundation that moves. Not only must it have the integrity to support the structure above, but now it must have the resiliency to withstand change. Large buildings in areas prone to earthquakes require adaptable foundations. Our feet are adaptable,  but unlike a building’s foundation, our feet must also adapt to the implications that come from above! That knee or hip problem can find its way into the feet. Bunions can originate because of weight distribution issues that come from above. All it takes is pressure, and bone production begins. We’ll talk more about this in the workshop. 

Like all foundations, feet are at the bottom, and what happens at the bottom? Stuff accumulates there. Studies have shown that resilient calf muscles help with venous blood return, but imagine the work it takes to get blood from the feet back up to the heart all day long. Remember, 90% of the body is water, making up the extracellular matrix, a fancy word for all the space around cells. 7.5 liters of water (interstitial fluid) is moved through the body daily, and it relies mostly on bodily movement to transfer it, cleanse it, and dumped back into the bloodstream near the heart! This is the lymphatic system’s function, which plays a vital role in maintaining our immunity to infection and disease. I mention all this because feet will be affected if there is insufficient movement to keep these systems functioning optimally, and this is where Avita shines. 

It’s no doubt that feet start to get a little funny looking over time.

“Stuff” builds up, but the things the body relies on to move it around and clean it up become compromised over time. We call this the aging process, and while it is inescapable, we can do it gracefully, one of the many purposes of Avita Yoga. Come to this workshop to learn about the ways we reverse the impact of time on the feet.

Learn how to regain and maintain healthy feet. Your whole body will love it!

This workshop will open with a short slide show and anatomy presentation to ground our discussion and provide a framework for specific issues and any questions you may have.


See you there,